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into top-quark pairs using lepton-plus-jets events in

W. K. BalunasUniversity of PennsylvaniaE. BanasInstitute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of SciencesA. BandyopadhyayUniversity of BonnSw. Banerjee

influencing survival to twenty-four hours after birth in

com- ponents and liveweight, fat depth and wool production in Hyfer Maxa J, Sharifi AR, Pedersen J, Gauly M, Simianer H, Norberg E 2009

for electroweak production of supersymmetric particles in

W. K. BrooksJ. BrosamerE. BrostJ. H BroughtonP. A. Bruckman de RenstromD. BrunckoA. BruniG. BruniL. S. BruniS. Bruno

for heavy Majorana neutrinos with the ATLAS detector in pp

Italy), NL-T1 (Netherlands), PIC (Spain), ASGC (Taiwan), RAL (U.Kin physics and astrophysics, 3rd edition, World Scientific, Singapore (2004)


Publication » PROGRESS REPORT FOR HY-V PROJECT. The Hy-V Sounding Rocket Project aims to launch a Terrier-Improved Orion from the NASA flight

[Seminar Workshop on weeds]. [Spanish]

[Seminar Workshop on weeds]. [Spanish][panama, malezas, mauvaise herbe, weeds]

Identification and characterization of a novel amphioxus

To determine if the AmphiD1/b receptor showed agonist- specific coupling (+/-)-6-chloro-7,8-dihydroxy-1-phenyl-2,3,4,5-tetrahy- dro-1H-3

Final Grades For Fed Chair Bernanke

Final Grades For Fed Chair Bernanke

To Improve Hand Hygiene Compliance Among Doctors

Wei Yin Esther ChangJun Yang Ken GohJeanne May May TanPei Ling TanWei Lin TayWenxiang YeonMing Hui YongTohid Hatijah Binti

or Dirac neutrinos and right-handed W gauge bosons in

O. K. BakerYale UniversityP. J. BakkerNikhef National Institute for Subatomic Physics and University of AmsterdamD. Bakshi Gupta

Observation of long-range, near-side angular correlations in

K. PiotrzkowskiL. QuertenmontN. SchulN. BeliyT. CaebergsE. DaubieG. A. AlvesD. De Jesus DamiaoM. E. PolM. H. G. Souza

identifying features of multidimensional image data in

In a method and apparatus for identifying features of multidimensional image data in hypermedia systems a multidimensional image, secondary image map and

[News Script: Murder suspect]

[News Script: Murder suspect]Script from the WBAP-TV/NBC station in Fort Worth, Texas, covering a news story about Jack Warren West shooting and

tracer for imaging vascular endothelial growth factor in

emission scans were acquired on a HIDAC scanner15. Banks, L., Spence, P., Androphy, E.,33. Lee, K-H., Lee, S., Paik, J., Choe

Flexible Tubing Manufacturers And Distributors In Singapore

air hose dock hose fire hose linen hose oil hose ptfe hose pvc hose steam hose hose clips hose reels more » Hose Suppliers in Singapore Ang Mo

IBNA - Iran a major stand owner at 22nd Minsk Book Fair

IBNA - Iran a major stand owner at 22nd Minsk Book FairIBNA- Organized by the Belarusian Information Ministry, the 22nd Minsk International Book Fair

Vitamin C and vitamin E for Alzheimers disease

16. Huang HY, Helzlsouer KJ, Appel LJ. The Thomas RG, Klauber MR, Schafer K, Grundman Mhidroxi-2′-deoxiguanosina urinaria en adultos

of HER-2 status among young breast cancer patients in

Pei Sze NgJoanna LimWei Xiong WenKah Nyin LaiSiti Norhidyu HasanDaphne ShinChin LeeSook Yee YoonCheng Har YipNur Aishah Mohd Taib

Study of production in p Pb collisions at \( \sqrt{s_{\

K. BelousInstitute for High Energy Physics (IHEP)I. BelyaevInstitute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics (ITEP)E. Ben-Haim

At the fireside one hundred original stories for young poeple

k l , Y 1 t1.f .I; U X 2t i ba d When the cold weather came, Bruin hid away in WIHY TOMMY WAS IN BED. THE sun was shining

Mangueira: o associativismo, a política e a chegada da UPP

o impacto na vida associativa de uma favela específica, a Mangueira. Ato understand the impact of associational life in a slum specific hose. The

Search for microcopic black hole and tring ball in final tate

K. AmakoY. Amaral CoutinhoC. AmelungD. AmideiS. P. Amor Dos SantosA. AmorimS. AmorosoN. AmramG. AmundsenC. Anastopoulos

Direct top-quark decay width measurement in the \(\mathbf {\

O. K. BakerYale UniversityP. J. BakkerUniversity of AmsterdamE. M. BaldinBudker Institute of Nuclear Physics, SB RASP. Balek

Intercept Monitoring Satellite

Intercept Monitoring SatelliteThis chapter contains sections titled: Scientific Mission, IMS Subsystems, Icarus Destruction Model, Scientific Instrumentation,

tail seahorse, Hippocampus comes (Teleostei, Syngnathidae)

genome of the tiger tail seahorse, Hippocampus comes (Teleostei, SyngnathidChang CH, Lin HY, Jang-Liaw NH, Shao KT, Lin YS, Ho HC. (2013)

structure and mucins of nasal respiratory mucosa in rats

(HID-AB) pH 2.5, was used to evaluate changes H.Y.; Sung, J.H.; Chung, K.H.; Yu, Hyun JS, Lee BS, Ryu HY, Sung JH, Chung KH

Characterization and Phylogenetic Position of the Red = Alga=

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